Here at Red Technologies, we pride ourselves on standing apart in a crowded marketplace, with our exceptional quality of service and unique client package programs.


We are experts at turning complicated hardware-software solutions into easy to use application packages. No matter how large or small the project, we always deliver on time and budget.


Our flexible special programs allow our customer to develop for FREE, at cost price, or as an equity exchange. We pride ourselves on offering this fantastic opportunity to our clients worldwide.


We take pride in ensuring our team knows all there is to know about the latest and greatest technologies. Have a unique new technology thats not quite on the market yet? We’ll develop it!


Short on time or budget? Previous developers or designers running your project into the ground? Our 911 Rescue team can turn all that around and make sure that your project is a great success.

PROGRAM : Complex Solutions

Here at Red Technologies we take pride in being experts at the entire project development phase, from the start of a project through to its completion. We listen to you as a client, take your dreams and ideas on board in planning and then use our uniquely varied expertise to bring simple and elegant solutions to complex ideas. We’ve worked with many start-ups to bring new products and ideas to the market and helped our clients succeed in a busy marketplace - on time and on budget.

Working with Touch Panel Control over the last few years we have turned a complicated hardware-software solution into easy-to-use mobile application and cloud based web service. This incredibly involved and complex system includes integration of whole home and office systems in to a simple to use tablet and mobile package. Read more about this project.

PROGRAM : Flexible or free cost

Now heres a special something that you just don’t hear everyday! Red Technologies is proud to offer this very unique and flexible program, unlike any of our other industry competitors. We put a lof of faith in great ideas, because we know that when great ideas are given our time and experience they are sure to be a success.

We are proud to offer these special programs to select clients:

  • - Development at cost price
  • - Development as an equity exchange
  • - Development for FREE!

Enquire now to be a part of this very special client program.

PROGRAM : Unique Skills

We love to get our hands on the latest devices, operating systems, coding languages and hardware as soon as they are released. We experiment, play and grow our knowledge in these diverse and exciting new industry trends to ensure that we are always the top of our game. We are a step above the competition when it comes to new and unique development skills within the market.

We developed our first Android app the first week an android phone was released, in 2008. This app, called "PPC Editor" for G1 Android, was a fantastic method of connecting your Google Adwords account to your smartphone. Users were able to view and edit campaign details including budgets and dates.

NetLinx modules, Roku players, automated irrigation systems... Anything that is new, we’re there first! We invested and started Adobe CQ training classes once we’ve got great CQ opportunity. Have a unique new technology thats not quite on the market yet? We’ll develop it! In fact, we’ve been known to invent a few new things of our own because they simply weren’t on the market!

PROGRAM : 911 Rescue

Uh oh. You started with a different development company and somethings gone wrong with your project. The timelines blown out of proportion, the budgets running out or the development and design is just turning our plain awful.... What do I do?

Red Technologies 911 Rescue team is here to save the day. We can turn your project around, at minimal cost and in a quick timeframe. Our designers and developers with years of experience can fix any problem that might have come along the way!

Here at Red Technologies, we believe that great ideas combined with our extensive expertise and passion are the right mix to make sure that your project is a great success. We’re here to rescue you!


Red Technologies has a wealth of experience in the planning, management and delivery of websites, mobile sites, apps, custom web solutions, eCommerce solutions and online strategy.